Monday, December 27, 2010

Mexican Vintage Kitchen...a work in progress

My little house  is coming along. A while back I posted about getting a stove/oven finally, after being in the house for 3 months now. We use it everyday for almost all meals, I dont have a toaster so I also use to toast our bread and bagels, yum! I didnt have shelves or counters when we moved in here and little by little its all coming together.

Im going for a vintage Mexican look....what do you think?

I added some really great vinyl to the doors of the cupboards to brighten things up and I think it adds a little something. I also put some on top of the cupboards to help protect the tops. No placing hot things on here with out a hotpad or cutting board! Jeff made the shelves and added hooks for our pots, pans and cooking utensils . These to cupboards are the only storage in the kitchen, so we had to get creative. I really like the look of dishes  on shelves, I think  you either love it or hate it. I love it...It works for the kids they are tall enough to reach and since we wash our dishes at least 3 times a day I dont worry about having to store many.

My daughter was given this old cigar box in PV..cute hu?

Gift from Leah for Christmas, we love fresh squeezed oj



  1. I love it! ANd i am really jealous you have bagels, i have not seen any where i am.

  2. I think it is really cute!! Great job!

  3. Try a Mega Commercial in the freezer section. Are you close to a Mega?

  4. You're kitchen is ADORABLE!!! I would love to come sit in your kitchen with you and have bagels and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice too!

  5. Ooops! I meant to write "Your" and not "You're." Sorry. :(



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