Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date Night = Irish Pub, Beer and Pool

After a night of pre-teen girls in the house my love'a and I were able to take some time away for us. Theres a new Hennessys Irish Pub that opened up recently and so we were off to check it out. Of course I tried to order the darkest beer on the menu , because to me dark beer is like dark chocolate, but they were out of Guinness. WTF is all I thought for a second. Thats almost like going to McDonalds and being told "Sorry, we are all out of hamburgers today".  Growing up in the Northwest, was like growing up in the beer capital of the world.  Im reminded of one of my favorite places for a good fix of pub food and unique beers was McMenamins They have beers with names like Sleepy Hallow and Hammerhead and the best pub food ever!

Other then that little detour the rest of the place was great! The decor, staff and the POOL TABLE was free! After sharing a plate of awesome fish-n-chips we headed to the Billiard Room and wrapped up our night with a couple games...Jeff 2 wins y Yo solo uno! And I only won because he accidentally sunk the 8 ball. I never win against Jeff because hes a monster when it comes to playing pool, I mean geez he did practically grow up on one, it is sort of our lifes blood.


  1. Date night sounds fun, with the exception of the no dark beer incident :). Ricardo and I love to play pool, too, and he usually kicks my butt.

    By the way, how did you design/add the picture at the top of your blog? I love the design so much - it fits your blog perfectly - and I would like to figure out how to add a picture that fits my blog, but I don't know how...

  2. Date night was fun! The picture was done with Photoshop. Im still learning how to the program, but basically I kida' borrowed (wink wink) some images online and then created what was in my mind onto a Photoshop doc. If you have an image in mind already that works too of course. Save it somewhere on your computer then you need to add the image into your blog script from the design page in your blogger dashboard. Once you enter the design section make sure you are in "page elements" Then click edit for the header widget and there will be a place to upload image. Hope that helps, you can always send me and email on FB if you run into any snags. I cant wait to see your new header!

  3. Love the photo of you and Jeff. Your curls look great!

  4. Jackie-thanks, I was feeling a good hair day!

  5. I'm SO jealous. Would love to visit an Irish pub AND play pool. :) Glad you had a good time.

  6. When Steven and I go out we love to go to the pubs, but the dark beer is not for me. Love the light stuff. Our favorite place right now is the Public house in Sellwood. Kinda like the place you guys got to go. And who cares if they don't have guinness this time. Just gives you an excuse to go back there again!!! Love date night! Steven and I just went down to Eugene and watched Jeff Dunham. He is a comedian. Pull him up on youtube. funny as hell! love you.

  7. Hi Erica,
    Date night sounds so good. My hubby and I need that soon. It has been a very long and cold winter in the northeast and we have been cooped up to long. Hope it is warmer where you are.
    Have a great day.



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